ORGSU Clients

The list of ORGSU clients contains not only companies involved in the sports business. Orgsu business to business architecture and features requires to list also other types of our clients.

  • Event Organizer of non-sport events. Welcome to our family and take a challenge of the sports event fo now.
  • Sports Event Organizer is obviously the most typical client.
  • Series Owner. There are private companies and also country sports associations / national federations. Race directors may have their admin accounts directly on the series site.
  • Sports Magazine and other digital marketing companies having business interest above the events. Sports Magazine has a great feature of serving to race directors with the online registrations.
  • Timing Company. ORGSU gives a strong timing tool for established companies and also for the absolute beginners.
  • Corporates and its marketing divisions. They are in the role of sponsors and looking for marketing benefits.
  • Sports manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Some are the sponsors and some are the event organizers themselves.
  • School – many schools are sport-oriented and utilizing ORGSU technology for its own events.
  • Sports club. Even small or huge sports club can upgrade its website with e-shop and or can become an event organizer. An advantage is the athlete database, e-mail marketing and eshop for this type of client.
  • Corporations having their own corporate event or sponsoring sports events.