Sports Event Organizer

Sports Event Organizer

ORGSU Software offers perhaps most of the services for any Sports Event Organizer and boosts its website(s). Race director and his team manage all data in-house using 7 blocks of features in 1 package. This system supports existing sports event organizer companies and is a great tool for your new race director carrier as well. There are 3 most important reasons why to choose ORGSU technology:

1 Happy AthletesRace Director being proud of making athlete happy with both race itself and information services.

ORGSU gives you many features for your athletes. Such as race calendar, online registrations, start lists, live results, and tracking. The possibility of trading with other athletes is another function of the system. Athletes can get their services via an athlete’s profile, what is one of the services ready for your website.


2 Your Revenue Growth

ORGSU doubles revenue for Sports Event Organizer and Race Director

As a result of using external registration portals, you are losing your internet traffic. Furthermore, you are paying to high price for service. This is a business issue the most of event promoters facing to.

With ORGSU you will keep your athletes on your website at all times. In combination with the e-shop, you will sell more of the services and merchandise. Furthermore, revenue will grow due to the allowance of athletes trading with each other. Race manager can also sell internet traffic to race sponsor(s).

3 Race Integrated Solutions

The most important services are in one package. Hence you do not need to hire external companies to manage online registrations, e-mail marketing, timing or tracking. Consequently, check your sports event organizer handbook after your registration. Finally, you realize how easy and effective your work might be with ORGSU.

Start with registering your sports event organizer company. And learn its administrative back-end. All functions are available without license purchasing. Or just post us with the details of your event and we will do all the settings for you for free. It will be much easier for you to take over the settings then.

Free Trial

Do you want to try all the admin features for free? Log on here user name ‘‘ and the password Test123‘. Please remember the password is case sensitive.

Sports event organizer loves ORGSU race integrated solutions. Example of the event launching.

That will get you to the administration backend of the Hope Production company. This is purely for the demo purposes and this company does not exist. But it allows you to view and to test the ORGSU features without any restrictions. Do not use this trial company to produce a real event, please.