Have you ever been mystified by the declared entry fee price and then surprised by how much you actually paid? Processing fees are an annoying surprise. Have you ever paid your entry fee and then got sick and no one has been willing to refund you? Have you ever had trouble finding results? Or did a company set up your account in their database and recorded and collected many of your results without your knowledge?
The following ‘Code of Conduct’ defines several principles. Sharing this in the athlete community might be able to defend athletes’ interests. An athlete is the end-user of the services that are associated with the promotion and organization of the sports event. These services also include online registration and results publication.

Athlete expects and therefore demands

the following rights before the online registration process are commenced:
  1. To be informed about what the final price will be and to know what the entry fees and the processing fees are.
  2. To be informed about what personal data will be required and what they will be used for. An athlete demands a registration manual that will clarify the handling of personal data. An athlete from the EU knows that his rights are (should be) guaranteed by EU GDPR Directives.
  3. To be informed on which website(s) the start list and results will be published. An athlete is interested in what companies and why they get their personal and results data.
  4. To be assured that the entry fees will be refunded in case he/she will want or need to withdraw from the race. An athlete should also be able to choose whether the refund will be made to a credit card, a PayPal account or a crypto-currency wallet for example.
  5. To be assured that at the end of the purchase, he/she receives a bill with the appropriate amount of VAT indicated with respect to the legislation of the country in question.

It is all relevant to event organizers, registration portals and timing companies. The athlete rights mentioned above may serve as a guideline how to improve the information services with the athlete in mind on the first place.

Sharing and refining

Do you agree? Please share this page with other athletes to support this philosophy and the world of sport. Write us your feedback and statements. We are investing and developing ORGSU technology what follows all the principles above. So mention this to your event organizer looking for new technology, please.