ORGSU Pricing

Orgsu prices are based on financial turnover and the use of the timing, tracking and emailing module. Get .pdf file of licence politics here. After registering your company profile, the license traffic light in the upper right corner is green. The system license price has been automatically set to zero. 

Operating Fee

  The operating fee is calculated as a % of the entry fee price and the price of the goods sold by the e-shop.  Minimum price for processing one race registration is USD 1.3.  Currently 2 licenses are offered for race organizers, they are automatically allocated according to the nature of the company as follows:

·     Commercial (Organizers, clubs, …) 4%

·     Non-commercial (foundations, schools, …) 2 %

What when Entry Fee is very low?

The system sets the lowest price for processing one race entry. It varies by currency. This value is approximately 1 USD (or equivalent).

A Timing and Tracking Price

When you are using ORGSU for timing, check the licence policy for example please. The same principle has apply for the Tracking.

A price calculator is coming soon here.  

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