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Startlist, Live Results & more

Use powerful Orgsu modules to upgrade your website and make your event stand out. While having all of these modules on your website, not ours.

It is important to keep website traffic from YOUR customers all to yourself, don’t give it away!

Use Orgsu.

Organisers Support

Modules for your website

With Orgsu you have every service  centralised, on your website 

These modules may be on your website, but if you choose they may be on ours

orgsu creates a custom website just for your event with all modules present.

Modules for your event

With ORGSU modules your event will grow in professionalism and become more attractive for your customers. Furthermore event organisers job will be much easier and efficient.

Race registration

Your webiste becomes a registration portal for all of your races. Furthermore, startlist automatically updates, multiple payment methods are available. Race registration is an essential tool and with Orgsu you have it on your website.

Start List

The live results module is also the startlist for the given race. As soon as the race starts the module changes to live results.  Start LIst/Live results module can be inserted into any website that you choose, just like all of our modules(aplets).

Race Calendar

Present your races with responsive attributes, such as registration, startlist and much more for each selected race. While keeping everything tidy and easy on your website.

Live Results

This is a very attractive module for racing athletes as they can see their result as soon as they finish on their phone or displayed at the venue by the organisor. Fans appreciate it as well. Race commentators find this very useful for quick name find.

GPS Tracking

With the Orgsu tracking module you can watch as athletes complete their course realtime on your or your sponsors website. 

Results & Series Results

With the results module you can have all past results on your website. Easy import of results before implementing Orgsu is supported. Series points calculation can be defined or use a preset. Ongoing series results greatly increase internet traffic for the website the module is on.

More modules available in ORGSU admin.

How does it work?

This simple yet clever solution will save your event hassle and money, while making your brand look professional.


Choose your module in orgsu

Choose which module you would like to implement; Live Result, E-shop, Calendar basically any module you choose in the Orgsu Admin.


add module to your website

Ask your web master to add selected modules onto your website. This allows all Orgsu modules to be on your website and not ours: Therefore "upgrading" your website.


Here to Help you

Orgsu assistant can help you with any problems and answer all of your questions. Next we show how to insert Orgsu modules into your website. 

How to insert orgsu modules in your website:

1. How to create your Module(aplet)

2. How to insert codes into your website

  • After a successful creation of your Aplet, at the bottom of the page are 2 lines of code.
  • These codes are to be inserted into your website, thats how all of our modules can be on your website or any website you wish. 
  • The first line of code is the actual aplet that you selected eg. Live Results, Online Registration. An example of what your code will look like:
  • This code has to be inserted through your website editor, eg: WordPress into a code box.
  • Insert this code exactly where you wish for the given Aplet(module) to appear


<div data-orgsu="f08814d428e04927b34b124357ee8e55"></div>
  •  This next code is inserted only once into the website. And that is at the bottom of your website page below all Aplets on that page.
  • This code is the same for every Aplet(module) that ORGSU offers. See below:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Make sure that this code is at the bottom of the page below all of inserted Aplets(modules).

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