Work with us

There are several opportunities to work with us. We are looking for marketing and sales work in specific countries. And if you are really keen to do some great job, apply for a country manager. Work with us and help to support event organizers.

Marketing and Sales

Are you an athlete looking for easy job? We can offer you a contract for 1 or 2 years. You can become an active marketer and salesman of the ORGSU services within your community and on social media. Read here on the website what is ORGSU event management software about. Understand how it works for athletes, please. And finally, write to us your application, your ideas.

This software platform has a lot of different types of clients. It allows various approaches in the marketing work. If you had a sports background and marketing confidence would you please contact us? We are looking for non-traditional and even crazy ideas. Don’t be shy and write it down NOW.

Country ManagerDo the sales and marketing in our international team. Or even become a country manager. Work with us and help to support sports event organizers.

Some countries have a huge business potential and deserve a person takes care about. The ORGSU license policy allows having the license prizes and processing fees in accordance with the countries. And representing the company to the clients is better via our very own staff in the country. So we would like a special person to work as a country manager. Who can help us with the marketing and the real business? While you are interested in a country manager’s work you must be experienced with ORGSU technology. Find a client or become a client and then apply for this special job. There is also a way to start as a business agent.