Orgsu system allows you to track your race through mobile our  Orgsu tracking app. 

With Orgsu you dont need to buy expensive tracking tech., all you need is mobile phones, and every athlete has one.

Use Orgsu.

Organisers Support

Mobile phones are the cheapest way to track your event

Tracking Features

Orgsu admin offers you full control over our tracking service. 

Orgsu Tracking App

Athletes can log into the app with a generated QR code or with login codes. A check of smartphone configuration is required for smooth process.

Tracking Module

Our tracking module can be inserted into your website and clients can enjoy multiple features:

Result Calculation

In Orgsu admin you can set up timing points, so when athletes location is inside entered perimeter then his time will get registered. Like this it calculates every checkpoint, from start to finish. This is also a great way to create distance events.

Tracking Tech Supported

If you have your own tracking devices like SPOT, then we can configure it into Orgsu. You can also combine SPOT and App tracking together. For top athletes perhaps. If you aren't sure drop us a line and we will help you with any questions.

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