orgsu organiser software

No need to outsource all of your event data to many different service providers as a race organiser. With our organiser software you have everything in one place.

Event management & database

Launch Events lasting several days and consisting of multiple races per day. You can create custom age-groups for individuals or teams. Multisport races are natively supported (triathlon, duathlon). Mass - Individual - Distance type of events.

athlete database

Build your athlete database by importing Excel files or let it grow naturally over time as athletes register for your races. Orgsu is GDPR-compliant so you may rest assured about your athletes' data.

Email marketing

Select athletes based on races or send global informational emails. You don't need a separate emailing service anymore, ORGSU has it covered! Emails can be about anything from race invitations to new product offerings in your e-shop.

Athlete profile

Athletes have access to all their race and order history in the Athlete Profile component.

Integrated Timing

All timing methods can be combined into one comprehensive timing solution. Live results are then displayed on your website!

Live gps timing

Orgsu GPS tracking technology is a revolutionary approach to tracking races. Athletes use their smartphones with our ORGSU Tracking App or the SPOT devices. Their progress is updated live on your website via the GPS Tracking component. The system can calculate split times from athletes’ tracking data.


Place the E-shop on your website and sell anything from race packages to t-shirts. Orgsu offers a C2C mechanism where athletes can offer their own products in your E-shop for commision.

Orgsu offers a range of Payment solutions: PayPal, Stripe, Global Payments, bank transfer and more. Money goes straight to your bank account and all processing fees are under your control.

online registration

With Orgsu, your website becomes a registration portal not just to your Events but also to your partners'. You can configure an early bird entry period, create discount codes and add custom items to the entry form. You can allow Race entry cancellation with entry fee refunds or set up Booking Protect.

Increase your website traffic

Keep your athletes and spectators on your website. We distribute our service as standalone components that you install onto your website with only two lines of html. All of Orgsu features reside on your website allowing you to capture your athletes attention.

B2B Support for race organisers

Orgsu allows for collaboration between organisers and other Orgsu profiles. Digital marketing companies can sell entries for you on their website, you can collaborate with a Series owner or offload timing duties to a Timing company. The terms of the business agreements are  easily configured within Orgsu.

who is orsgu for

Event Organisers

For anyone who wants to organise their Events in an orderly manner and who understands the value of internet traffic. You could be a large company or a sports club, Orgsu caters for all sizes.

Series Owners

Own a series and need a way to administer all the stuff around it? ORSGU is just what you need. Publish your series results live on your website, sell products related to your series and collaborate with Event Organisers 

Digital Marketing & Sponsors

Sports magazines, Corporate Marketing firms, Event Sponsors who actively take part (or want to) in the sports business. Orgsu will create a new audience which you can impress with Live results or GPS Tracking.

Timing company

For any new and/or existing timing company wanting to provide a little extra for their customers. App and Chip Timing may be combined as needed and Live Tracking could be used to spice up the offer.