Sports Event Technology

Boost your website and rise up your business

Several major features are ready to serve your business today: Athlete database, email marketing, online registration for athletes and teams, event director registration and event admin, e-shop, timing and GPS tracking.

An event organizer, will be guided through all the critical steps of launching an event. One event may last several days and consist of multiple races each day. You may integrate several age groups for individuals and even for teams into one race which can last up to 10 days. Races may consist of multiple sport disciplines (eg. triathlon). Event may be directly yours or your client ones. 

You can build your athlete database by simple import(s) of Excel files or build it generically over time as race entries come along. ORGSU is fully committed to the privacy of your athletes and therefore GDPR is an integral pillar on which the system is built. Are you a series owner or are you running a digital marketing sports site? Then you can manage the database on behalf of your clients – event organisers. 

With ORGSU, your website becomes a registration portal. You can provide online registrations on behalf of event organisers or just for your own events. You may set up an early bird entry period, create discount codes and reassure your athletes by offering race entry cancellation feature with entry fee refunds. Get a charity adds during a race registration for both individuals and teams entry. Sell more of your merchandise with the entries. Export the entries for a timing company or use an integrated timing and tracking features. 

Create your own e-shop on your website and sell anything from race packages to t-shirts. However, it needn’t be just yours: ORGSU offers a unique C2C functionality. Therefore, athletes can offer their own goods and services in your e-shop as well. With a commission for you of course.

Any payments will go directly to your account  in your currency. There is a range of payment processors connected available for you to use: PayPal, Stripe, Global Payments and more. As a result, all the processing fees are right under your hood, hence omitting any where-is-my-money-going confusion.

E-mail marketing is one of very useful tools to communicate with your athletes. It has all important features to select a right set of athletes from your database to be added onto a mailing list. Thus, you do not need to pay extra money to specialised emailing services anymore. ORGSU has it covered. It can be used for upcoming race invitation, new offered goods in your e-shop or any purpose. 

The technology supports a manual timing, App Timing (your timekeepers just stand on check points and enter the BIBs to the App) and finally API for RFID Timing using chips.  Both live results and final results will be displayed on your website. We implemented an easy export import interface for external timing companies in Excel format.  For a timing of long term time trial individual races the tracking data from smart watch can be easily uploaded. The split and finish times will be easily calculated and results will be published. 

ORGSU GPS tracking technology is a revolutionary approach to tracking races. Athletes wear own smartphones with our ORGSU Tracking App. Their progress is then visible on your website. You may also specify virtual timing points and the system will calculate split times from athletes’ GPS data. This feature is useful for a long term time trial individual races. The tracking data from smart watch can be easily uploaded and the split and finish times will be calculated as well. 

ORGSU technology allows you to serve directly to event directors. So monetise a power of your website and install a service for event organisers. You will make a deal with each event organiser: what a commission will be earn from selling of the entries. So you will get the full registration portal from your website quickly. 

Who is ORGSU technology for?

Event Organizers

Sinlge or multi stage event for individuals and teams. All-round support and website supercharge. Full 7 in 1 system capabilities.

Digi Marketing and Sponsors

Sports magazines, Corporate Marketing, Event Sponsor. Anyone who makes a business above sports events.

Sports Series Owners

Own a series and need a way to administer all the stuff around it? Evaluate and publish series results after each race.

Race Timers

For any new and/or existing timing company wanting to provide a little extra to its customers. App and Chip Timing may be combined as needed. Live Tracking.

Upgrading your website(s)

There are more than 20 features distributed as java applets which are easily uploaded onto the website(s). It literally takes only two lines of code. Piece of cake for your webmaster using a proper CCS styles.