7 in 1 Sports Event Management Software

The only all in one solution in the world

ORGSU technology is the ultimate solution for administration of any sporting event. Whether it might be running, cycling, triathlon, team adventure races  – ORGSU has it covered. The software integrates modules such as online registrations, timing, GPS tracking, e-mail marketing and e-shop into one powerful sports event management tool.

Elevate your event website to the next level

ORGSU’s main purpose is to keep YOUR customers on YOUR website. No more third-parties stealing YOUR online audience. Have YOUR athletes under YOUR jurisdiction.

Our services

You, the event organizer, will be guided through all the critical steps of launching your event. One event may last several days and consist of multiple races each day. You may integrate several age groups for individuals and even for teams into one race which can last up to 10 days. Races may consist of multiple sport disciplines (eg. triathlon), furthermore multi stage races are also supported.

You can build your athlete database by simple import(s) of Excel files or build it generically over time as race entries come along. ORGSU is fully committed to the privacy of your athletes and therefore GDPR is an integral pillar on which the system is built.

With ORGSU, your website becomes the registration portal. No need for anyone else to do it for you and steal your customers anymore. You may set up an early bird entry period, create discount codes and reassure your athletes by offering race entry cancellation feature with entry fee refunds. Be ahead of everyone else and give your athletes a chance to be refunded their hard-earned bucks!

Create your own e-shop on your website and sell anything from race packages to t-shirts. However, it needn’t be just yours: ORGSU offers a unique C2C functionality. Therefore, athletes can offer their own goods and services in your e-shop as well. With a commission for you of course.

Any payments will go directly to your bank account, available in several different currencies. There is a range of payment gateways readily available for you to use: PayPal, Strip, Amazon and more. As a result, all the processing fees are right under your hood, hence omitting any where-is-my-money-going confusion.

E-mail marketing is natively inbuilt into the system. Thus, you do not need to pay extra money to specialized emailing services anymore. ORGSU has it covered. It can be used for upcoming race invitation or any kind purpose general message. 

With ORGSU, no timing technology will ever put you into the corner. The software supports Manual Timing, Timer App Timing and RFID Timing using chips/tags. Furthermore, all of them can be used simultaneously in one race. We implemented a native interface for external timing companies in the .XML and .XLS format hence making Live Results is easily available to you.

ORGSU GPS tracking technology is a revolutionary approach to tracking races. Athletes wear either SPOT tracking devices where cell reception is limited or their own smartphones with our ORGSU Tracking App. Their progress is then visible via our Tracking applet on your website. You may also specify virtual timing points and the system will calculate split times from athletes’ GPS data.

Who is ORGSU for?

Event Organizers

For whom ORGSU has been mainly created. All-round support and website supercharge. Full 7 in 1 system capabilities.

Digi Marketing and Sponsors

Sports magazines, Corporate Marketing, Event Sponsor. Anyone who makes a business above sports events.

Races Series Owners

Own a series and need a way to administer all the stuff around it? Evaluate and publish series results after each race.

Races Timers

For any new and/or existing timing company wanting to provide a little extra to its customers. App and Chip Timing may be combined as needed. Live Tracking.

Why do you need ORGSU?

With online entries, live start lists and live results on your website your internet traffic will grow. Your internet audience is vital to your e-shop and also your sponsors. Luckily with ORGSU, you can easily transfer this audience to any of your sponsors’ websites (via a LIVE Results applet for example) and monetize this partnership.

Expand the reach of your event by utilizing event-related e-shop and allowing athletes to trade with one another in that e-shop. Awaken the connections to your sponsors and offer them your internet traffic on their website. They are usually willing to pay for it.

The inner framework of the Organizer’s Support system (ORGSU) encourages business to business collaboration. Event organizers may close business deals with their partners such as timing companies, digital marketing platforms or possibly other event organizers, the options are countless. As a result, the deals bring clarity to the terms of collaboration, from work description to commissions earned from registrations. The system subsequently produces all the necessary paperwork based on those deals. Get registered and ask us for more details.

With ORGSU features such as Live Online Results, Live Start Lists  or GPS Tracking, the whole race day experience is elevated to new heights. Athletes have quality data to ponder upon after the race and spectators either at home or present at the venue can still enjoy the thrill of the race.

Event organizer’s biggest nightmare: get athletes registered, assign BIBs, sort them into waves and the physical process of venue registration itself. ORGSU is specifically tailored to support this incredibly stressful just before-the-race phase. ORGSU offers self-check-in and all the other professional procedures you see at high-end international races.

Upgrading your event website

There are more than 20 features distributed as java applets which are easily uploaded onto the website. It literally takes only two lines of code. Piece of cake for your webmaster. These features include athlete profile, e-shop with your payment gateway or for example live GPS live tracking.

ORGSU Technology Collaboration

On behalf of our clients, ORGSU actively seeks business partnerships with sports-related companies. These include RFID (chip timing technology) manufacturers, BIBs and T-shirt manufacturers, Insurances,  Payment Gateways, National sport governing bodies, External timing technologies and External registration systems. We are heavily investing to give you the chance to be fully engaged in your business.


By Athletes For Athletes

It is a long established fact that experience is key. ORGSU is the 3rd generation of a results making software. As you can see, it is not just a results software anymore, rather it is a full scale event management software after 25 years of merciless evolution.

Event organizers are the warriors who fight against many barriers so that athletes can do what they love. Race. Although they are tough, providing them with a tool which does all they need in one place is surely a relief.

But athletes are at the centre, they are why it is done. And they want the best possible service they can get. After all, they pay for it.

ORGSU delivers for both. Great management tools for event organizers and subsequently great services for athletes.