A database of your events

Events Database

ORGSU keeps all of your past and future events in the events database. That gives you a lot of features.

A screenshot of the administration page follows. You can see the wide range of functions in there. All features are available after your registration.

Event Database in ORGSU Administration

Every event has its own ID so operations such as creating a copy of an event, assigning e-shops to events are easily accessible to you.

All data stored in the events database is available for publishing on your website through one of our many applets. The upgrading of your website is ORGSU’s unique feature that will rapidly increase visitors to your site.

ORGSU simple event setup

Our 4-step wizard leads you through specifying all about the venue, GPS locations, time zone, language of the event, number of race days, details about the races and much more. Furthermore, national sports federation APIs are easily integratable into the registration process. Also, user-defined entry items can be set up.

As always, all the event details can be published on your site via our applets.