Series Owner

Race Series

Are you a sports race series owner? It might be for example a running or triathlon series for individuals or a series of the expedition events for the teams. The Orgsu database system is working on behind the scene while takes data from the races and calculates a results of the series. A current series ranking is easily available for both overall genders and custom-defined age groups as well.ORGSU enables a race series owner collaboration with event organizers. It calculates and publishes series ranking on your site after each race Orgsu technology will boost your series site(s) today. It provides your cooperation with the event’s organizers and gives you the series ranking onto your website. And many other features.

Series Ranking

There are companies and sports national or regional body organizations setting race series of Running, Triathlon, Aquathlon, SwimRun, Kayak, ….

ORGSU publishes the series parameters and its configuration needs

  • Specify the number of individual best results for the series ranking
  • Specify age group categories for male and female athletes
  • Athletes earn points via your series both overall and in defined divisions

Your business is our priority

Series Owner gets a lot of features on how to support the race organizers. Series owner will get the feature to sell online registrations to all races. The most simple way how to do so is described here. Your athletes may trade with each other what hugely increase your revenue. And much more. All ORGSU services will keep your series athletes on your website which is your marketing advantage.

Your athletes will get their login and profiles on your series website(s). All the applications and results will be available in there.

How to start?

We do recommend to start with an event organizer registration to understand the core of ORGSU functions. The company profile of Series Owner can be added then. As race series owner you can add to your series your own races and/or races of other organizers who should use the ORGSU services. Finally, it would be our pleasure to assist you with the launching of your series.

Your company registration in a profile of Race Series Owner is here.