Tracking App Test

Test your phone and Orgsu Tracking App before the race. If you choose to leave your phone asleep in your holder or your bag for the duration of the race you will have to set it up, so it still sends its locations. We will guide you through the set up process here:

Download the app Orgsu Tracking : the phone should be charged as much as possible, data is enabled and not connected to the internet through WIFI, the phone should have collection of GPS data enabled and should be running only our app for best performance.

Android settings: Settings – Device Care – Battery: Power mode – High performance and App management – adaptive power saving battery ->OFF. Apps that wont go to sleep -> add Orgsu Tracking

Apple settings: In settings go to the app and allow mobile data and location services. For location select ALWAYS. Go back into settings and make sure that all of these features are turned on if necessary. Also make sure to switch OFF Power Saving Mode.

Make sure that everything is working with a simple test. The test codes are provided in the table below. Log your tracking app in with the details below and make sure that the values ‘Sent’ and ‘Gathered’ are gradually increasing. Allow your phone to sleep for at least 10 minutes and check if the values increased. If everything worked then your phone is ready for a long race.

Start Number (BIB)Choose a number between 1&3
Private Key111111
Your locations should increase in an interval of about one minute:
Your testing locations may be connected with test data of different users.

For a more detailed instructions on how to set up your phone and tracking app click here. Learn more about why this setting is needed here.

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