Online Registrations

Online Race Registrations

With Orgsu registration service you keep your athletes on your website(s) or on your sponsors’ website(s). Furthermore, team entries are no longer a nightmare; ORGSU race registrations support both individual and team entries. ORGSU integrates this important feature and offers it to you in the form of our applets(modules) which are then inserted into your website. For payment gateways all you need is your own PayPal, Stripe or Global Payment account . All of these functions are available after you create your account.

Why you need ORGSU online registrations:

  • Orgsu Race Registration keeps athletes on your events/series/sponsors website(s) which is crucial for internet traffic, therefore your overall business.
  • Furthermore, athletes can register from their athletes profile available on your website as well.
  • You can also configure unlimited amount of race registration periods, with different entry prices.
  • Bulk registrations, therefore one athlete can register friends and family.
  • Each event can have different currency settings and a different language settings. This is mainly important for worldwide sports series.
  • A waiting list can be launched for important-large scale races. Custom entry fee configuration for waiting list.
  • Up to 4 e-shop items can be published on the main registration page. It hugely improves selling efficiency of the race-related e-shop merchandise.
  • 4 direct ways how to get an athlete into a sold-out race.
  • 5 different options on how to set up and apply discount codes, also VIP vouchers for members and other special athletes.
  • Registration entry cancellation feature. Cancellation fees may differ depending on entry fee periods.
  • Race registration protection may be employed. API is implemented. Write to us for more details.
  • Selling of “daily licences” for national sports federation(s). Or applying discounts for recognised members of the national federation. Don’t hesitate to message us for more.
  • Individual Entry Fee Contribution. This feature serves for charity/donation purposes during the online race registration process.
  • Several payment methods available. Each method collects money directly to your PayPal, Stripe or bank account. Organisers Support Ltd does not collect money on behalf of you.
  • On-line start list(s) published on events/series/sponsors website(s).
  • Online smartphone check-in at the venue reduces queues and waiting times.
  • Operation fees can remain hidden for athletes or published and added at any rate.

Do you want to become a registration site for other race organisers? Yes, ORGSU gives you this opportunity as well.

Operation Fees:

In conclusion, processing fee is the sum of our “Orgsu fee” and your payment gateway fee. For both individual or team entry the operation fee will be from 4% to 6 % of each entry. Furthermore, you can publish the processing fee on your online registrations or you may disable its visibility and include it directly in the entry fee amount. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more details.

So register your race director & event organizer account and check out this feature for yourself.

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