Virtual/Distance Event

Distance event (similar to Virtual Event) is an event that lasts for certain period of time and the goal of which is for participants to run, bike/drive, … for as many kilometres as possible. They can complete their workout anywhere and then simply upload their route. Results are calculated based on distance covered by each athlete. All kilometres are also added together to produce a total count for every distance race.

The main purpose of a distance event is to collect kilometres in support of a goal. For example, above is a real total distance widget in support of distance elections in the Czech Republic. Distance event is also suitable for encouraging a healthy lifestyle, so that even during lockdown, people can run and still enjoy some of the “competition vibe”. Ideal for schools and sport clubs.

Workouts are recorded using the ORGSU Tracking App or by uploading GPX files from sports watches in athletes’ profiles on organiser’s website. You can monitor the number total accumulated kilometres in the Race Calendar or by using a separate widget (as shown above) which can be placed anywhere on the page. In the Race Calendar, everything is available together: entry form, start list, results and total distance:

Individual live results are calculated for custom defined categories and gender in exactly the same way that standard results would be for a Competition Event.

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