Venue Registration

This page is to be used by your registration crew during Venue Registration.

Pre-registered athletes are coming to pick up their BIBs and chips, pay their Entry Fees, new athletes are coming to register or athletes are coming to cancel their entry due to personal reasons. There are many scenarios, and their handling is seamlessly integrated into this one page.

Find Athlete:

Type a few letters of athlete’s surname (or name, BIB, depending on the situation) and the system will search for a matching athlete. When it finds the athlete it automatically populates all the fields. I


f there is no matching athlete you can add (register) a new one by clicking the button ‘ADD ATHLETE’. This kind of ‘manual’ entry does not create an order. 


Once you have either found the athlete or created a new one, you can assign a BIB by clicking ‘OFFER BIB.’

If you are distributing chips, you can assign the chip’s ID to the athlete by typing it into the Chip/Tag ID field.

Note: When you hit ‘OFFER BIB’ the system reserves the BIB so that no one else can assign that BIB to another athlete. This is crucial if there are multiple crew members running the Venue Registration Table each on their own laptop.

When you are done click the ‘SAVE’ button to register the athlete.


will open the computer’s camera (or attached camera)and take a picture of the athlete. It then saves it directly to the database. This function is used in world recognized events. 

Changing any of the personal data will cause a similar question as in ‘Registration Table,’ i.e. whether changes should be stored only for the Race  or directly to  database.

Entering a tag number can be automatized with a USB tag reader. Contact us for more details.  

Under ‘Entry Fee Price’, the button ‘Discount Code’ helps to verify a possible request for a discount. with a Once-Off Code or a Mass Voucher.


This clears the form and prepares the page for another athlete. All changes to the previous athlete’s data are abandoned (a question prompt confirms this action). 


Prints the current athlete’s information


Terminates the session and saves all data into Event Organizer’s database. The Registration summary box will then appear:

There are several commands how to continue now. Using TAB and ENTER is equivalent to a mouse click on ‘Back to…’. 

Print Bill – prints a slip detailing entry fee payment information

Information Leaf – slip providing a summary of the registration data, ready to be printed

Back to Registration – skip back to the athlete’s entry page

New Searching and Entry – new blank form for a new athlete  

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