Athlete Login and Profile

Athlete Login and Profile

ORGSU may boost any of your websites with an athlete account feature. The service is called ‘Athlete Login and Profile’ and is one of ORGSU cornerstones. Both the Facebook and/or Google+ login feature works here to make the login easy. You may find all the services for your happy athletes in Athlete’s Handbook.

How to get an athlete account feature?

The entire login and athlete profile service will appear on your website as a result of implementing 2 HTML code lines to your website(s). A race director may easily get this code from ORGSU administration and forward it to his/her webmaster.

Athlete’s Services

There are a bunch of features inside the athlete’s profile. Just a brief glossary of it follows. Check the details in the Athlete’s handbook, please.

Personal and Sports Goals

An athlete enjoys an athlete login and profile feature on event's website.

An athlete may set himself personal and sports goals inside his/her profile.  All the goals are stored here and not published anywhere due to the only athlete motivation. Personal aims might reflect the lifestyle themes so ORGSU offers to athletes an original tool for how to calculate the weekly lifestyle pattern. The sports goals should contain real sports achievements. Finally, the goals related to the real races like the rank in age group or loss to the winner can be entered and stored. These goals will be evaluated after each race.

Athlete to Athlete Trading

Even more, every user can trade via an event organizer e-shop today. So athletes make a new revenue and profit to themselves and to the e-shop owner what is astonishing. In a few simple steps, a happy athlete can sell his old bike or offer accommodation to other athletes related to the upcoming event(s).

Race Applications and Results

An athlete can find all future race applications and past results inside the profile. ORGSU event software technology even allows race director to enable entry cancellation feature. It means an athlete may cancel an application and get payment back similarly to another kind of e-shopping.  An athlete has few options on how to collect entry fee back. It may be to a credit card or a PayPal account. All are inside the athlete profile in contrast to many other online registration services.

External Systems

Orgsu is connected to several national sports federation databases like for example UK Athletics or Czech Triathlon Federation. It allows to sell the daily licenses to our clients and to read actual start lists from the Orgsu database. An athlete can find and edit her external systems credentials inside her athlete login and profile feature. Ask us for more details, please.

Note: ORGSU technology follows the principles published in the ‘Code of Conduct for Athletes’ Rights in Sport Event Registrations and Results’.