ORGSU Implementation

Orgsu Implementation Steps

for already established and experienced event producer. This check-list document is related to the companies, operating several years and having its own athlete database and running one or more websites. The Orgsu Implementation Steps on how to boost your event website follow.

The steps below offer one of possible straight-way approach, bringing quick real services startup: grab the database of your athletes and use it in your everyday business.

1 Registration

A physical user account and company account registration. Creating a company profile as an event producer.

2 Support

Ask our support. Add ‘’ user as a new crew member of your company. This will enable us to help when launching your event, configuring of your e-shop, etc. This implementation step is of course not obligatory.

3 Buy ORGSU license

You can play with the system features without a license, but limitations will apply to any event launched without a valid license. Learn more about pricing here.

4 Upgrade your website

Integrate some of the important applets (blocks of features) into your organizer’s or event’s pages: Athlete’s Login and Profile, Event/Race Calendar and E-shop.  Or just activate a provisional so-called “limited” web site where all the basic services are available. This provisional page serves with all the important functions. An example of such a page we are commonly using for the testing of a new features is here.

5 Open your PayPal or Stripe account

to get the necessary login credentials that you need to enter into ORGSU e-shop configuration. After that, payments of entry fees and other shopping will be credited directly to your PayPal or Stripe account. ORGSU offers other payment gateways as well.

6 E-shop configuration

Enter your main currency, the numbering of your orders, specify required payment tools. Allow your athletes to trade each other, set your processing fee and much more.

7 Import your old data

Go to the admin menu Event – Export and Import. Prepare the Excell file of athletes (prescribed format) that the organizer wishes to import into the company’s database. You can import your old data step by step several times. Orgsu will find the same athletes and skips them to avoid duplicities in your database.

8 Set ‘Personal Data Processing’

Tab on Orgsu admin menu Athletes – Personal Data and either take over the factory text and/or paste your own text. It should be noted that each athlete will have her account in the organizer’s database. The system provides an opportunity to determine whether to consent to the processing of personal data in online registrations or not. The implementation step is obligatory for all the EU countries.

9 Launch your first event

Go to admin menu Event – New Event and enter the title, place, date, race categories, GPS locations, Races, Tracks, Entry fees, … and much more. Your event will be easily published in the race calendar, which can be published on your website. The publication of the event can be done via different services as well. Even the entry form can be published separately.

10 Open online registration

of your first real race in Event – Settings – Entry Fees menu. Athletes or teams will then be able to sign up for your race(s).

11 Boost your event website

Upgrade your website (or website of your sponsor) with the Orgsu services. There are a lot of services, the most important services are athlete login, race calendar, and e-shop. Other services are available in the admin menu Company – Upgrading of an existing website. Place the Powered by ORGSU logo on the bottom of the page as the license policy asks for.

Powered by Orgsu

12 Invite your athletes to your website

As you may import your database, get ORGSU function of e-mail marketing now. Select a template ‘Reset Password’ and schedule your communication. Your athletes will be mailed with user IDs and temporary passwords. So they will come to your website for their first login. Both the online entry and eshop shopping will be easier then.

13  Notify your athletes

Whether a new upcoming event or new goods are in your e-shop use e-mail marketing to invite your athletes to come and act.

14 Enjoy ORGSU Integrated Services

Do the timing, GPS Tracking and much more. Do not hesitate to contact us to help you through these processes, please.

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