Cyclocross and Lap Races

Cyclocross and Lap Races

Do you love cyclocross? Are you looking for information support for your event or series? Even for Lap Race Timing? Especially lap race timing and live broadcast of the real-time results are specific for this kind of sports. ORGSU offers an easy and professional solution for it now.

Cyclocross support by ORGSU

What a beautiful sports philosophy: the tough work under the viewers pressure all the time on a short lap. Cyclocross is probably the most exciting cycling discipline offering surprises nearly to the very end of the race.

ORGSU offers a possibility to parametrize up to 60 laps into one track. Refer to the event organizer handbook for more details.  Cyclocross and lap race track settings. It is ready for the lap race timing.

LAP Race Timing

ORGSU has its Web Service API on the internet to read your RFID timing data, for example from RaceResults technology. In real-time, these data will be used for the live broadcast on two different outputs of your race. Both applets with these features can be installed onto your website and/or on the site of your sponsor. The live results bring about the same amount of visitors as the number of athletes is.

Register Now

Do not hesitate to ask us for free assistance with your cyclocross today. Do your event organizer registration and launch your event. Even more, you may test ORGSU for free including the BIBs assignment and timing. Finally, you can delete all test timing data and prepare your crew for race day. Help for your registration is here.

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