School Sports

Do you have your school sports in charge? Do you organize a sports event for your pupils, parents and/or public? Orgsu supports your school gala day events with the online registrations and the timing. You can operate it on your website and get all the information services for your staff and site visitors.

After your school registration, you can launch your event and open online registrations just today.

Orgsu supports school sports. Improve your school gala day. Organize your team adventures or races for individual pupils.

Online Registrations

The most comprehensive feature might be online registrations. It allows you to set the race age group categories for your pupils with free entry fees. Other race divisions may keep the proper entry fee rate. Furthermore, the donation during the sign-up process might be very useful for school earnings.

As a result of your online registration process will be both the database of pupils and the start list of the race(s) participants on your school website. The database will serve for your future business what can be provided by the integrated e-shop.

School Gala Day

Your online registration should be closed just a few days before the gala day event(s). The system will generate your BIBs and all is ready for venue registration. There are two web pages on how to find a preregistered pupil and/or how to add a new one. Finally, you can download your App to start the race and do the timing. Check the page on this website to learn more.

School Licence

There is a huge discount for a school license. Check it in the license e-shop inside an administration. ORGSU asks schools just only for 2% of the processing fees. It gives to schools a great opportunity to earn more money form school sports galas or any other ordinary sports events.

Register your school now

Learn more about event organizer features here or just make your registration and launch your event. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any queries.  We will assist you for free.

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