Sensitive Location Data (SLD)

This page dealing with Sensitive Location Data (SLD) gathered by ORGSU Tracking App. It does not have any other means of communication other than with Orgsu Technology. The App requires athlete’s permission to gather their locations data in the background when mobile is asleep. This is because a phone must be stored in the backpack or arm holder and to save battery for long runs when the display is on sleep. SLD is exclusively used to displaying the current locations on the event website and/or for the calculation of the race results by technology services. Orgsu Administrators don’t have the tools to modify or copy SLD. Orgsu technology does not share or sell athletes SLD.

The types of SLD that Orgsu Tracing App accesses, collects, uses and shares with technology are: BIB/Start Number and Location data during the event. Orgsu Tracking App does not collect the name and DOB from athletes, this data is received via API from main technology.

The URL address of this page is in both the designated field in Play Console and within the Orgsu Tracking App itself.

Read full text of Orgsu Privacy Policy here.

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