Countries and Currencies

Multi-Currency Sports Software

ORGSU Multi-Currency Sports Software works without the boundaries. You may run your events in various countries and to sell entry fees and other services in different currencies. Furthermore, ORGSU is a multi-language sports system so it also allows you to select the language of every event. These two features are the most noteworthy for world sports series of events.

List of Currencies

Orgsu is a multi currency and multi language software for the world sports series. It boosts your series website easily.

There are several currencies available as a default currency for your eshop. We are reflecting our customers’ needs. So do not hesitate to ask us for your currency if it is not on the list. Your default currency does not limit you. Your goods and services in your e-shop can be published in the right currencies easily.

A list of languages

Orgsu allows to chose from the UK and US English, Czech and Spanish for now. This multi-language system can get another language easily. We will serve a new strong client with any language needed. The MS Excel File of the system texts contains up to 7000 rows.

World Sports Series

Are you organizing triathlon, running or any other international races series? ORGSU allows you to justify entry fee accordingly. Your International Races Series administrator can select a proper entry fee currency from the list of currencies on the last page event setting wizard. That makes ORGSU multi-currency event software perhaps the one on the market ready for you.


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