Race Director Registration

Race Director Registration

Are you a sports magazine or general digital marketing company? Are you a sports series owner or a sports association? There is a future for your business partners, for race directors. Event organisers can register as race directors directly on your website and use your payment gateway to sell their entries. Orgsu is a registration technology for your website.

Run a race director registration on your site. Sell the online registrations then. Use Orgsu registration technology to raise up your business.Registration technology

Orgsu upgrades your website with the registration features and you can sell this service to your clients – race directors. The steps needed are described below:

  1. Register as a series owner or sports magazine at orgsu.com
  2. Set up the payment gateway in the e-shop configuration. Orgsu has inbuilt the API to PayPal, stripe and some other gateways for you. Ask us to check your settings on assistance@orgsu.org
  3. Generate the applet for race director admin (html code provided by ORGSU) for your website. Place this race director administration service on your website.
  4. Ask your close race director to register on your website. His registration must be approved by you, by the owner of the digital marketing, sports magazine, series owner website.
  5. So, approve this race director and offer to him your commission. It simply means how many % of the entry fee will belong to you.
  6. The race director must accept your terms. Finally, she can launch her first event.
  7. Generate the event calendar applet (html code) and put it on a page on your website. You will see the launched event in your race calendar. Ask us to check the settings at any time.
  8. Sell the entries and publish the start lists on your website using several Orgsu services.

If you know a lot of event organisers, this Orgsu service would open a great new business and boost your revenue.

The data belongs to you

You as a website owner will be the owner of the database. All athletes will get a login feature and profile on your website. This might be your new huge business so do not hesitate to contact us to get more information.

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