ORGSU Technology looks for a strategic investor

ORGSU Startup Summary

ORGSU startup calls for a strategic investor. This B2B technology has been launched on the basis of 20 years of experiences with database sports systems, registration, and timing. The technology contains seven important function blocks as it is communicated on the website, page 7 in 1. Orgsu technology needs strategic investor to get new sports markets.

Present clients are from the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, South Africa and the USA, so the system is naturally multi-lingual and multi-currency. There are no boundaries to its promotion, marketing and sales around the globe. Our market is unlimited from small organisers to large sports portals and world sports series.

The concept of this B2B technology opens the door to almost (dependent on server capability) unlimited number of clients from several target groups, some of them are mentioned here. ORGSU Ltd develops and maintains the technology from Prague in the Czech Republic.

Future Fundings

Present technology needs strong promotion, marketing and sales. In connection with a strategic investor – partner, it would be more powerful and more effective.

Also, new modules are ready for development and these can attract even more clients:

  • Coach – Athlete Services
  • Event Production Support, including volunteers and other roles
  • Accounting for sports events
  • Set of services for sports clubs and teams. Sports clubs are to be a new target group

So don’t hesitate to ask us for the details.

ORGSU looks for a strategic investor

We are awaiting a strategic investor (or different type of investor) who will appreciate the fundamental basis of the ORGSU B2B technology and would like to enter the sports industry:

  • A Major World Sports Series Player
  • A Sports Retail Leader (like watches, apps, wearings for athletes)
  • An Established ICT Company (ERP producer, Telecommunication)
  • A World Premium Timing Company
  • A Digital marketing player

Hence we would appreciate a partner who already possesses a network which can accelerate Orgsu’s marketing activities. We will always happily cooperate with anyone with good intentions and drive.

The ORGSU Team

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