Timing Points Management

This page deals with Timing Points for your Races. You have to configure these points regardless of the timing technology you are using. You don’t have to configure these if you are using an external system to calculate results.

First off all the checkpoints are to be defined. Then they are to be assigned to starts, splits and finishes of your races. During the race itself, at each Timing Point there is some kind of timing infrastructure, i.e. Orgsu Timekeeping App on a smartphone, chip timing carpet, RFID sensor etc., that is sending timing data to Orgsu. 

The picture below illustrates a very simple race having a start, a split time and a finish:

This simple race is pre-defined and ready for you to test Orgsu timing. Feel free to go here and test our smartphone timing technology. 

By green plus were created new checkpoints so we have enough checkpoints for both races. User should enter GPS positions of the checkpoints. These are to be published on the race applet on Google map. 


Used to denote if you are doing multiple loops aahahaha====

From Timing Point

The starting point of that leg. 

To Timing Point

The finish line of that leg.

Transition Scenario

There are three options on how to deal with transitions between adjacent legs.

From the Swimrun example below it is clear how Timing Points split the Race into segments – individual legs. The first option is selected for Transitions: No Transitions are calculated, there is one Timing Point separating the two legs.

If we had a Triathlon, we would like to evaluate Transitions as well. 

Hence we will need 6 Timing Points Start, SwimEnd, BikeStart, BikeEnd, RunStart, Finish. We will also check the second radio button to use the Transitions option. The red arrows indicate the logical flow of the points.

If you are feeling adventurous you can use one Timing Point multiple times in one Race. Maybe use one TP to mark both the start and end of all Transitions. Why not?

The command ‘Save and open tracking settings’ opens the box with the details related to the GPS tracking:

Orgsu tracking
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