Mobile Timing Trial

First of all, download the ORGSU Timing timekeeping App from Apple store or Google play. Once it works, log into the App with the private key 23.45.67 and security key 98.90.972. And your Mobile Timing Trial can start.

Your Timer App has logged onto the testing race day. Multiple races can be seen here. You will be interested in the Kids Run. The box below is a live ORGSU service and it should show the Kids Run start list. If there are some kind of results it means someone before you did his test and did not clear the data. Please drop us a line and we will clear it for you.

Test the simple mobile timing

Select the STARTING button and select KIDS Run to be started. Press the START button and wait up to 1 minute for the box to change to live results. The race has been seeded in a time zone of GMT+2 so the difference between the time zone and the time of your cellphone is obvious. That is why the time of the race will be affected.

Go back to the main menu and select TIMING and select TP2 Split Time. You can do your timing now. There are several BIBs as you can see on the list: 23, 34, 45, 56 and 67.

There are 3 ways how to enter the BIB and the time.

  1. Enter the BIB and press TIME.  It means an athlete has passed your location at this time. It is the most common usage of this timer app. 
  2. Enter the BIB and press NUMBER. This choice is good when you can see and recognize the BIB from the distance. Use the TIME button on the BIB’s line exactly when an athlete passes your location. 
  3. Enter TIME. Your Timer App will store the time position and allows to enter the related BIB later. This feature is useful when an athlete has passed without his/her BIB identification.

When you have entered all the times go back to the menu TIMING and select the Finish Line. Now you can do your Mobile Timing Trial of the finish line. 

Throughout your test, keep checking the above live results box. You should see output similar to the one on the right.

Clean up, please

Go to the APP menu STARTING, and select the Kids Run again. Finally, use the function DELETE START.  The live applet should switch back to the start list similar to the screenshot here:

The delete function can be provided only from the device from which the start was done.

Just for your brief information: You can log on more Timer Apps for Mobile Timing Trial and do your timing using more parallel timekeepers.  ORGSU timing module is ready to accept data from more different sources at one checkpoint. Get more information from the timing handbook after your company registration.