Athlete to Athlete Trading

Athlete to athlete trading

Do you have thousands of athletes in your historical database? You may give them an opportunity to trade with each other. So utilize your database of athletes and get new revenue by an athlete to athlete trading.

ORGSU technology is perhaps the only one in the world offering this amazing opportunity for you, and also to your clients, to athletes. This C2C trading in sports is very effective. Athletes recognize each other so the trading between them is trustworthy.

Trading Between Athletes

While you are setting ORGSU e-shop configuration you will be asked if you want to enable the trading between athletes:

ORGSU E-shop brings to your website athlete to athlete trading feature.

As the results of activating this function athletes get the chance to offer their goods and services to other athletes via your e-shop. Furthermore, each athlete finds his own merchant profile and can list their own goods and services.

An athlete trading feature gives the tools how to administrate the goods and services for each athlete.

Then athlete can offer an agreement to the e-shop owner with proposed terms. You as an e-shop owner must confirm her proposal about the price and a commission for you. After your confirmation, the athlete’s offer appears in the e-shop to the buyers.

If someone buys the merchandise, the payment will come directly to your bank, PayPal or Stripe account. Then you must provide payment to the athlete-merchant. Thanks to this transaction, you are earning a commission of this trading as agreed.

How to start?

First of all, you and your company must be registered with ORGSU as an event organizer, series owner or digital marketing / sports magazine company. Your athletes’ database must contain some number of athletes. The more the better naturally. A database swamps by an import of your old Excel data and by registering of athletes for your events. Finally, both e-shop and athlete login and profile must be installed on your website.

Motivate your athletes

That is not enough to give an opportunity of this athlete to athlete trading feature. You must inform them and motivate them in trading. Furthermore, use e-mail marketing to compose and distribute your emailing between athletes. Inform them about the trading above database of athletes just today.

You must advise athletes with what they can offer to the other athletes and what Terms you are expecting. It would be our pleasure to assist you with this new business.

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