A database of your athletes

Athlete Database

Athlete database boosts your sports business. ORGSU gives you a tool for collecting all personal data of your athletes in accordance with the EU GDPR regulations.

Your user may be just a shopper looking through your new e-shop or an athlete taking part in your events. And she can become a trader and offer her goods or services in the e-shop as well.

The following screenshot is from the administration page what will be available to you after your registration.

ORGSU gives you athlete database and a lot of features above it

There are a lot of features that you as event organizer get. Don’t forget to check our guide on what athletes expect from your website.

Athletes’ profiles

Your athletes get the Login function on your website. It means they will come back to your website to open their profile to check their orders, race applications, team intro and much more. As a consequence your athlete database grows and serves your future business.

Administration Features

Every user in your athlete database receives loyalty points. All the logins, race entry or e-shop purchases can be automatically awarded any number of loyalty points. This is very useful for your future business.



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