increase event company value

Increase Event Company Value

Do you care about the value of your Event Business Value? A valuation of your company depends on many factors to attract potential investors. Any buyer will ask to see the indicators of increasing your event company value. The most important one is revenue growth and net profit growth. You can rise it up with ORGSU technology quickly and effectively.

A Revenue Growth

Valuation of your business is perhaps the most important. Increase event company value and get your revenue growth with ORGSU technology.

ORGSU technology allows import your athlete database and instantly start the real business. It will give you not only a direct sale of race entries but also e-shop and athletes direct trading between each other. Furthermore, you will be able to increase your sponsor income by selling them new internet traffic.

Your today’s revenue comes via third-party registration services and is restricted to the entry fee and event-related e-shop instead.

With ORGSU you will get more a general e-shop, direct athletes trading, and internet traffic for sale.

A Higher Net Profit

In the usual scenario, the third-party registration services are taking away about 10 % of the revenue. A scenario with ORGSU technology says a basic license charge is 4% and your payment gateway (Like PayPal, Stripe, Global Payments, ..) may charge about 3%. So the total expenses are 7% of your revenue only. Come to us to negotiate your own terms and rise up your net profit even more.


The revenue and your net profit are both essential parameters of the value of your company shares. We are offering you the technology what might bring you more responsibility and work. Alongside it will give you growth of your business and a higher EBIDTA. So, learn more about the sports event organizer here or just do your company registration. Increase event company value and enjoy a great feeling of cooperation with us.

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