Types of Sports Events

Are you about to organize a simple running or any other event for individuals? It may be cycling, paddle-boarding or fun kids racing. Get all the event settings features from Orgsu. The launching of your event and its production is so easy as it was never before! There are four types of sports event supported by ORGSU:

ORGSU technology gives you all that you and your crew need while preparing and producing your new or existing event.

Event Settings Features

You certainly do not need to have a special set of skills to establish your event. You will be provided with a wizard where all important steps await you.

Event for Individuals can be easy launched in ORGSU technology. So get the event settings features and manage your event easily now.

ORGSU offers its factory age group divisions to choose from or you can define your own.

Settings of your event for individuals. Get all the event settings features from Orgsu.

As you work you are always saving your work in your administration profile.

Some of the event settings

  • Multiple races with one start, more starts or individual start
  • User-defined age groups or age-independent category settings
  • Integrated online registrations with many great features
  • Different event and race publication tools

So, register your personal and event organizer details here. Do not hesitate to ask for our assistance if you are not sure how to start.

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