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How to become an ORGSU agent:


What is expected of you:


You must find new potential customers in any way you see fit (emailing, calling etc.) and get them to start using ORGSU system. It is also your responsibility to take care of your customers and make sure that they are happy.  Each month you get a provision from the money you made for the business.


How to be an ORGSU agent:


1.    Know how to set up and manage an event in ORGSU for a client:


a.     Be able to set everything up for the client and guarantee it is done right, as well as periodically checking their admin and making sure everything is working. It is good to have a basic understanding of the whole system.

                                                        i.     Basic event & race setup

                                                      ii.     Timing setup

                                                     iii.     Timing Points assignment and mapping.

                                                     iv.     Technical times table


b.     Be able to answer questions on the spot about ORGSU and be confident that it is right. If you aren’t sure email us. Below is brief list of commonly asked questions:

                                                        i.     How to get codes for the app?

                                                      ii.     How many athletes in one race can I time with the app?

                                                     iii.     Do you support chip timing?

                                                     iv.     What is the difference between Event and a race?

                                                       v.     Can I edit the times of my athletes?

                                                     vi.     How do I get the Orgsu modules on my website? 

These are just a few examples, there is a great variety of customers and each can have a unique question. That’s why it is essential to be comfortable with ORGSU.



2.    Marketing of ORGSU:


a.     Multiple ways you can market ORGSU:

                                                        i.     E-mailing

                                                      ii.     Phone Calls

                                                     iii.     Social Media

                                                     iv.     Personal, (going to the gym, flyers etc.)


b.     Right Audience:

                                                        i.     Event Organisers/Series Organiser

                                                      ii.     Schools

                                                     iii.     Companies

                                                     iv.     Gyms, yoga studios, pools

                                                       v.     Anyone who you think can organise a race or use our services in any way.



c.     What are we marketing? Overall management of events including these features:

                                                        i.     Race Registrations/Series Registrations

                                                      ii.     Timing with our Orgsu Timing App

                                                     iii.     Tracking with our Orgsu Tracking App

                                                     iv.     All of our functions inside the “Orgsu Licence”


d.    Sell it, ORGSU offers so much:


                                                        i.     When you see a race, you need to be able to see everything that ORGSU has to offer for them, and make sure they understand that as well.

                                                      ii.     Think outside the box, running and basic sports aren’t the only target for us. Everything that has a start time, and an end time can be timed by us. Anyone who needs registration service, needs us.


e.     You need to be sure that you can answer all of the clients’ potential questions that they most probably will ask. Prepare answers, play around in ORGSU and get comfortable.




3.    What’s in it for you?


a.     You work for yourself when you work and how you work is up to you.


b.    How much work you have is up to you, depends how many clients you are managing and how many offers you are sending out. This is all up to you.

c.     You get 50% of all the money you bring into the company. If you have 20


d.     races per month under your name and that brings 2000$ into the company. You get 1000$ And the more clients you get the more money you get.



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