Orgsu Timing App Test

Orgsu Race Timing App,

First of all, download the Orgsu Timing App from Apple store or Google play. Once installed, log into the App with this private key 123456 and this security key 9830174 

Your Timer App is logged onto our testing race. The box below is the Orgsu Live results/Startlist module. If there are some results it means someone before you used this test and didn’t clean up. Please drop us a line and we will clear it for you.

Press the STARTING button and select Short Run 5K. Press the START button and allow up to 1 minute for the box below to change from Startlist to Live Results.

Go back to the main menu. Press TIMING and select the Split timing point. You can enter some start numbers as you please, this will add individual times into the Split column. There are several start numbers you can choose from. As you can see on the list: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

There are 3 ways how you can enter athletes BIB(start number) and the time.

  1. Enter the start number(BIB) and press TIME.  That means the athlete has passed your location exactly at this time. This is the easiest and most common way to time.
  2. Enter the START NUMBER and press BIB. This is useful when you can see the athletes number from a distance so you prepare it in the app. Once they pass you press the TIME button next to the given start number and their time is registered. When you have a crowd approaching this feature is really useful.
  3. Press TIME. Orgsu timing App will store the time value and you can add the start number to the time value later. This feature is useful when an athlete has passed without his/her start number(bib)

When you have entered all the Split times go back to the menu, press TIMING and select the Finish Line Timing point. Now you can do your Mobile Timing of the finish line. 

Clean up, please

Go to the APP menu, pressSTARTING, select the Short Race . Finally, use the function, “DELETE START”.  The live applet should switch back to our previous start list similar to one on the screenshot here:

The delete function can only be executed from the device that started the given race.

Just for your information: You can have multiple timekeepers logged into the app and time simultaneously. This is a great advantage for bigger races.  ORGSU timing module is made to accept data from one or more sources at one timing point.

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