BIB Generation – Start Numbers / BIBs

The next wizard step, BIB Generating, provides functions for both Waves and BIBs. 

There are 4 possible ways to handle this: 

Manually – the system will not function automatically. All start numbers and waves must be provided manually via the ‘Registration Table’ or ‘Venue Registration’ page.


For the simplicity, suppose there is only one start per each race (Cannon Run for singles and UK Swimrun for teams). 

The page is very powerful but simple. Each race has its own box.  

Entries will be sorted by

Defines in what order will BIBs be assigned


The system automatically shows how many athletes are in each Wave. 

Max (editable)

The maximum theoretical number of athletes in that Wave. 


Enter the start BIB for that Wave 


The system will automatically calculate the end BIB 

Each configuration can be SAVED independently as there is never enough of saving your work.

Generate BIBs by your definition button will generate the BIBs. But wait until the final step to generate the BIBs.

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