Modules/Applets customization

It is possible to customize Orgsu applets so that they match the styling of your website. 

You will need to create your own my-orgsu-styles.css file. To style the orgsu applet, there are two steps:

  1. Using Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Opera developer tools, locate the correct classes, ids and tags of the elements you want to style. Apply the styling in your .css file. 
  2. Upload my-orgsu-styles.css to your server. Based on the type of applet.
/*My Orgsu applet styles*/

.page #main > h2 {
    color: #ffb22f !important;
  display: none;

td.member-editor-caption {
    width: 99px;

.zbozi-kosik-container {
    display: none;


Via Url

If the applet setttings has the option to paste the url of your .css file then you need to upload your .css file to a secure server. That could be your WordPress site, or anything else as long as the connection to it is encrypted (https). If your are having trouble don’t hesitate to ask us for support.

Straight to your site

If the applets settings doesn’t have the option to paste the url of your .css stylesheet then you can simply link the .css file to the webpage where the applet is displayed. It is the same procedure as with any other stylesheet:

...other links
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
...other links


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